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No summer plans yet? Are you interested in meeting other young people from over 40 countries across Europe? Eight days of making new friends, gaining new insights, dancing new dance moves, and sharing ideas on some of the most exciting topics of Foreign and Peace Policy – sounds good in your ears? What are you waiting for, then? Apply now for the European Youth Parliament’s International Academic Summer Forum Augsburg 2018!

WHO | 100 young Europeans between 18-25 from across the continent

WHERE | Augsburg, Germany

WHEN | August 26th to September 2nd 2018

TOPIC | Europe’s Foreign and Peace Policy

REGISTER | Online Form on

DEADLINE | The deadline for regular applications was Friday, June 29th, 23:59 CEST, but we are have a limited amount of spots we now give to applicants on a rolling basis with first come, first serve!

COSTS | There is a 90 Euro participation fee covering accomodation, food and transportation needed during the eight-day conference. Please be aware that unfortunately there will be no travel reimbursements possible due to our funding.

CALL DOCUMENT | Download here (all info in one pdf)

CALL POSTER | Download here (A3 poster as a pdf)

The European Youth Parliament is a multinational project that helps young Europeans to understand European politics as well as learn to work in a team, strengthening participation and forming friendships across borders. The network and all its events are run by young volunteers. The Forum is a project by the German National Committee of the EYP.

The main part of the event is a parliamentary simulation where each participant has the opportunity to voice their own opinion. Split up into international working groups, the participants then come up with a resolution on one of Europe’s most pressing challenges of foreign and peace policy each. Expanding on the usual EYP format, working groups will also get input from other working groups and independent experts in Interactive Modules and a Press Conference. Afterwards, the results are discussed and voted upon in the General Assembly at the end of the event. The simulation will be supplemented by a varied cultural and evening programme. The preliminary programm can be found here.

100 years after the end of World War I, the world still faces a variety of conflicts and challenges. In the “city of Peace” Augsburg, the participants will occupy themselves with some of the most pressing issues in European foreign and peace policy: What stance should the European Union take towards the Iran Nuclear Deal of 2015? What will the future of the Korean peninsula look like? How can we facilitate fundamental human rights in the 21st century, and what is the right path to European integration on security matters?

The event is head-organised by Janis Fifka & Timotheus Riedel (Germany), presided by Arman Gasparian (Armenia) and edited by Alex Blin (France). Additionally, we are very proud to announce that Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, will be the patron of the event. Furthermore, we are happy to have gained the support of the Erasmus+ programme, the Doris Wuppermann Foundation and the City of Augsburg.

You must be between 18 and 25 years old at the time of the event. The official language is English. Participants are expected to be present during all programme parts. Your contribution to the event’s funding is a participation fee of 90 €, covering accommodation, meals and transport throughout the event. Travel costs from and to Augsburg unfortunately can’t be reimbursed, but you will be provided with a guide on how to finance those expenses.


Federica Mogherini (Photo: CC BY 2.0)

„The work of the European Youth Parliament in bringing together young people to discuss the future of Europe, in particular the European Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy, is vitally important in today’s international context. As you know, under the framework of the EU Global Strategy, we have tried to set out some key prioities and challenges that the European Union must confront now and in the years ahead. We have already made significant progress in security and defence cooperation, which has been driven by a changing international context. It is vital to build public support and understanding of these steps, and indeed future generations will be most affected, hence the importance of the European Youth Parliament and the International Academic Summer Forum you are organising. We – at the European Commission and European External Action Service – would be interested in hearing some of the conclusions of the Forum. I wish all the participants every success for the event.”

Federica Mogherini
Vice-President of the European Commission &
High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Augsburg 2018 is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union


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